best headshot“Making people smile has been something I’ve enjoyed doing for years. Now that I’ve learned to create treats like cakes and cupcakes, I can bake people smile as well.”

My name is Leena, aka The Sweet Cinnabaker! I’m a young 20-something woman with a love of baking. I live and work within the Durham Region in beautiful Ontario, Canada.

​As a kid, I loved sweets. This love has grown exponentially over the years, and I became a little obsessed with desserts. So much so, that I insisted on teaching myself how to make these desserts instead of buying the overly sweet ones from the store. And that’s how The Sweet Cinnabaker was born!

I specialize in cupcakes, but also create cakes, cookies, and brownies!

When I’m not baking up a storm, I will most often be found cuddled up in layers of blankets with an iced coffee, watching Gordon Ramsay food videos.

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