Penne Pinchers – New Blog Series

Welcome to Penne Pinchers, a new blog series I’m doing here on!

What is Penne Pinchers?

Penne Pinchers is a blog series I am doing here on with my boyfriend Kyle. We go to restaurants around our area (that being Durham Region in Ontario, Canada) and review different restaurants or cafes. We usually visit places in Oshawa or Whitby and the surrounding area, but sometimes we go to Toronto and review somewhere there.


Why the name Penne Pinchers?

Penne is a type of pasta.

Penne – A play on words with the word “penny”, so the name sounds like “penny pinchers”.

“Penny pinchers” are people that are very cautious and careful with their money. When Kyle and I visit the restaurants we are going to review, we have a goal of around $30 total for the both of us, before tips. This, of course, depends on the place we are reviewing and the prices, but $30-$40 is our usual goal.


Are you professional reviewers/critics?

Nope! Both my boyfriend and I are regular everyday food lovers. We review the restaurants based off the point of view of the average consumer.


So who are you both, anyway?

My name is Leena; I’m the owner of this blog! I’m a 19 year old photographer and I’m in my second year of the Photography program at Durham College. I specialize in food and nature photography. I also love puns, in case you couldn’t tell. My favourite type of food is probably pasta, but it should always come with garlic bread. I love garlic bread.

My name is Kyle. I’m 20 and I’m in my first year of the Fine Arts program at Durham College. My favourite food has to be ribs, grilled or barbequed. I also love pulled pork, crab. I’m a true meataterian. Pizza is also life.


How do you rate the restaurants you visit?

For each restaurant, we will be discussing the restaurant décor, the service, and the food. After that, we will give our ratings out of five “pennes”. The higher the rating, the more worth your “pennes” it is!


Can I recommend restaurants for you two to review?

Absolutely! We’d love to hear any restaurants we should visit. Just give us some time after you request. We’re only college students, so finding time and money to go out can take us time. This is especially true if you request a restaurant in Toronto, or somewhere farther away from us.



If you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations for us, feel free to contact me at my instagram (leenagimagery) or here on my website!

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